Re: 50% of Americans polled falsely believe in Iraq WMDs

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:> Fred J. McCall wrote:
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:>> :but you seem to be behind the curve.
:>> Not at all. The actual problem is that you insist on making stupidly
:>> incorrect assumptions about what someone making the statement that we
:>> have found WMD in Iraq means.
:> WMD is a political term that means whatever the person using it wants
:> it to mean
:> "Today, the term WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) means different
:> things to different people. The most widely used definition is that of
:> nuclear, biological or chemical weapons (NBC).
:>]), although
:> there is no treaty or customary international law that contains an
:> authoritative definition. Instead, international law has been used with
:> respect to the specific categories of weapons within WMD, and not to WMD
:> as a whole."
:> erm_WMD
:Vince makes a good point. Arguing flatly that WMD were or were not found in
:Iraq turns more on one's politics that on factual analysis.

This is typical of Vinnie, though. Words have no meanings.

By some of those definitions, Barney Fife had a 'WMD' because he had
that single round for his pistol in his pocket.

Put me in the 'words have meanings' camp.

"It's always different. It's always complex. But at some point,
somebody has to draw the line. And that somebody is always me....
I am the law."
-- Buffy, The Vampire Slayer