Re: CNN says six North Korean missile launches

asok101@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Jack Linthicum wrote:

John McLaughlin, former number 2 at CIA and now with CNN, said
yesterday that the missile failed in the first stage and that is not a
good sign. Usually it is in later staging and separation that the
problems arise. John Pike, another CNN analyst, said today that the
termination came at the moment of maximum pressure, suggesting the
structure was inadequate. Both are properties that do not help the
Korean missile program to success.

I already said that NK may have aborted the long range missile as per
their plan, thereby sending the message to USA that it will leave USA
if it vacate the region along with its umbrella and other things.

Great way to send a message to the world.
North Korea might get it up but they can't keep it up !
The reason that the US is in South Korea is North Korea ? decided to
take its part of the world over..
At the same time that North Korea was demonstrating its technical
inferiority the US sent the Shuttle back into space...