Re: Battleships and Von Richtofen Quote

Leadfoot wrote:

"The quality of the crate matters little. Success depends upon who sits in it."

I've been looking at the recent Yamato thread and wondering... Does this apply to battleships?

I don't think many would disagee the Yamato and Musashi were clearly misused by the IJN high command.

Just my uninformed opinion that might start a war:

Richtofen was commenting on the rickety crates that they were flying in WWI, where the performance of the best and the worst fighters at any given time was only marginally different. IMO that would not compare to the Yamato Musashi situation.

Technology caught up to the Japanese giants. At no time did Japan have a battle fleet that could stand up to the US Navy, which is why they tried to even the odds at PH, or at least delay the intervention of the US battle fleet which was even then growing into an overwhelming power. When the war started
the only effective role for the Yamato and Musashi was in defending the NEI, which is why the third hull was turned into a carrier. The Yamato and Musashi, I think were more intended to dominate the British and Dutch than the US, overwhelming the smaller units that might try to intervene in that theater, but Japanese aircraft did a better job, although no one could forsee that at that time.

In short the Yamato and Musashi, while they might have been useful to
the US fleet as part of a task force, were virtually useless to the Japanese as the war developed.