Re: Carriers sunk in surface action

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See D.K. Brown, Nelson to Vanguard, Chatham Press.

Another good one is Layman, R.D., Steve McLauglin. The Hybrid Warship:
The Amalgamation of Big Guns and Aircraft . Conway.

That's a book I need to get, right after I finally manage to get a
hold of David Lyon's 16xx-1815 volume on the sailing navy..

The cite I quoted was from Cmdr Montagu in "Beyond Top Secret U" where
it was decided to use the abandoned work as a deception to attempt to
convince the Japanese to take up the idea of the "battle-carriers".
Apparently the deception was continued even after VE day.

I like that very well indeed. Get the opposition to do something dumb.

I still have not received a single direct answer to my original
question which was, put a little differently, "apart from Glorious and
Gambier Bay how many full flight-decked non-seaplane carriers were
sunk largely by surface action".

The more I think of it the more I reckon that's the total.

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