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The whole crisis is silly in some ways.

Well, that is interesting, but the fact that the approval process was circumvented is a concern, regardless.

Could you explain? I'm not in the USA, and the news over here is essentially "The USA is having a mini-crisis about this", rather than all the details.

If some process was circumvented, one would suspect at first blush that it was because of corporate backscratching or donations. Venality is much commoner than conspiracy.

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In matters of security, either is a concern. Too often, greed is the door by which a foreign agent gains access to information.

Interestingly enough, I've investigated irregularities in a number of business settings and, in almost every case, the underlying cause was embezzlement. That is, an individual created an opportunity to steal by making a small unauthorized changed in procedure. At the start, the theft had not been detected. It was the irregularity in procedure that led to the discovery.

People I know in security have found a similar pattern wrt espionage. So, anytime there is a variation from the stipulated process, I tend to get suspicious. This deal has enough red flags on it to get anyone suspicious.


Here is an article covering some concerns.

This article leaves out some of the special features of this deal, including no requirement for the Dubai company to keep any local business records. That is, if a concern should arise in the future, no US entity would have the power to subpoena the company records, since they would not be on US soil.

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