Re: Food and Beverages, vaguely sman.

BlackBeard wrote:
Arved Sandstrom wrote:

I sympathize re the potatos and beans. The former is absolutely an essential
food group - how can one live without baked potatos with mild butter, fresh
ground pepper, sour cream, bacon bits, chives and grated cheese? As far as
beans go, their absence (red kidney beans, garbanzos, cattle beans etc)
would impoverish my life, although my cat would be able to remove her


*sigh* I roasted a couple heads of garlic and made a garlic butter
and a roasted garlic balsamic vinegarette. A simple green salad, a
charred but rare New York Strip, and a roasted ear of corn. I also
made baked spuds for the wife and guests (that's what the roasted
garlic butter was for.)
Protein is allowed in reasonable portions (8-10 oz. per day), but no
whole grains, almost no dairy (butter allowed,) almost no fruit except
berries and apples, almost no vegetables except corn, green beans,
lettuce, cucumber...
Potassium, phosphates, and sodium are the main things I have to
avoid. Try finding anything that doesn't have much of those
ingredients in them and you end up with the above, rice, pasta sans
cream or tomato sauce, and white bread.
If it tastes good or is good for you, it is probably not allowed.
I must admit though, it is challenging to try to make decent meals
within the limits imposed, but I tend to like a challenge...


I would guess that you hope your wife never is diagnosed as diabetic,
the diet is pretty much a reverse of yours. The salad seems to be a
universal, surprisingly MacDonalds turns out two of their three $3
(locally) plain salads with Paul Newman's dressings as pretty good
quicky meals. I have to add protein, but that makes the difference with
yours palettable. Even the cheap Pinot Noir (Trader Joe's Black
Mountain at $6) is a basic food element.