Re: New Ustafish Listing

On Fri, 10 Feb 2006 19:16:23 -0700, Tim Jordan
<timjordan@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Sarah Hotdesking wrote:
"Jeff Crowell" <jeffDOTcrowell@xxxxxx> radiated into the world wide wait

Tim Jordan wrote:

Shouldn't Hotdesking's whip&chains expetise rate a Qual in something
other than target detection or medical. SAA (or is that a Gyrene

Interrogation Technician, mayhap?

Now we just have to think of something to ask
in interrogation...

I'm sure whips and chains, handcuffs etc can be described are related to
security somehow.

Please form an orderly queue. Those who wish to be interrogated to the
left and those who wish to interrogate me to the right .....

Oh, Lord save us, She likes both side of the

That or she's going to duck out for a beer while the two lines
have at it.

Peter Skelton