Re: Cindy Sheehan Ejected From House Gallery

jimcolli@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
D. Spencer Hines wrote:

Just give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves.

Now, what's this about you being busted at Pearl? Are
you an adolescent like Fred? And is the "D" your
first name like Harry S [no period] Truman whose
middle name was, he claimed, S? And
why aren't five newsgroups enough?

(Newsgroups busted back to 5.)

And I am cutting them back to one.

David (Dave to some of his medieval followers) perceives himself as the
Pied Piper of the newsgroups, taunting the seven or so you got with out
of topic posts that usually get responses like yours. These he
considers triumphs, he has spread the word to the ignorant, a clear
case of the blind leading the blind to water but not making them drunk.