Re: Science Review -- The effect of a minus lens.

On Jul 11, 7:39 am, Otis <otisbr...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Bill,

What you say it true.   Monkeys don't read.

But you should ask, "...what happens when you force them into cages
for up to seven years"?

Does their refractive STATE change in a negative direction, or does it
not change at all?

I Jan is correct, then the refractive STATE profile of monkeys in the
"wild" would be idential to the refractive STATE profile of monkeys
kept in cages.

If you let them out for an hour a day, though, then they're fine.

But you ignore this.

Or you can ignore the question -- as Jan wishes you would.

Pot ... kettle ... black ... pathological liar ... absolute idiot.

I hope Great Uncle Otie Sumner Brown I wasn't as much of a douchebag
as you.....

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