Re: Progressive Lenses - what is the best

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Thank for a very thorough answer. I wanted to upgrade to the Physio
360 because it is claimed to have wider reading and mid-range
channels and there is supposedly less distortion than with Panamics.

If the Physio 360 don't work out, then I'll just go with Panamics.
Everything that I have read about the Physio 360 has been positive so

My wife's optometrist is trying to put her into a Kodak Unique lens.
I have read mixed reviews of this lens with some criticism of the

Any thoughts?


Wal-Mart Optical sells a slightly modified version of the Varilux Physio 360
under the Nikon brand. It is made by Essilor (which owns the rights to the
Nikon brand name in the USA and also owns Varilux Panamic/Physio). The lens
is also known as the Essilor Accolade Freedom. I believe a pair of these
lenses were about $389.00 in a 1.67 index with crizal alize, which is
substantially less than most people are selling the Varilux Physio 360 for.

Supposedly, Essilor only sells Varilux to independent opticals and OD
offices, but sells the Essilor/Nikon equivalent to the big box stores.