suddenly, object perception smaller and darker from one eye

About 3 weeks ago, I first noticed that the vision from my right eye
was impaired. Objects were perceptively smaller, greyer, and less sharp
from that eye -- so much so that focusing became impossible.
At first, this made me dizzy and disoriented.

The G.P. at our local clinic, a retired heart surgeon, while quite
knowledgeable in most areas, admitted that what he knows about eyes
would fit on the head of a pin, after a cursory examination with hs pen
light, pretty much ruled out cancer or stroke, has referred me to an
opthomologist. The appointment is scheduled for tomorrow.

I would like to do a little research into the matter before going --
just on the internet.

However, entering terms such as "smaller objects", eye sight darker
focus and so forth has turned up little. Though the doctor suggested
that the problem might be a "torn retina, or the like", my symptoms
don't seem to match.

Any help will be appreciated.