Re: What does my glasses prescription mean ?

mangled_us@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
R : SPH +0.75, ADD +0.50
L : SPH +0.75, ADD +0.50

Doh !

It should have been :

R : SPH +0.75, ADD +0.50
L : SPH +1.25, ADD +0.50

ie the left SPH is slightly more than the right.

...snip comprehensive reply...

Your doctor should have explained what your problems were (what all
that means) and why you need glasses, if not, call back and ask. But
if he told you that you need readers and why, then the prescription is
simply the way to tell the glasses fabricator what power of lenses to

Thanks for the reply, the optician did say I had slight farsightedness
and also Presbyopia. How can I tell from those numbers what strength
of reading glasses I need ?

Whoever supplies your glasses will figure that out for you, but, to
repeat, add "sphere" and "add" together:

Single vision readers:
R +1.25
L + 1.75

Does it make any difference that the value of SPH is differend fro
the right and left eyes ?

Yes. As you can see above, each eye needs a different power.

If you were thinking of over the counter readers, you could try +1.50
which will be a little off for each eye.

Dr Judy

Thanks again,