Big difference between contact / glasses prescription???


I recently had my eyes checked and I am not sure that my prescription
is correct. The strength of the sph. reading is flipped for which eye
is stronger between the contact lens and glasses prescription.

I realize the prescriptions can be different, but I am not a huge fan
of my eye doctor to begin with and I am suspicious there is a mistake

Can somebody tell me if these prescriptions make sense together?


R: sph. -3.75 / cyl. -2.25 / axis: 110
L: sph. -4.00 / cyl. -1.75 / axis: 90

Contact lens:

R: sph. -3.50 / cyl -2.25 / axis: 110
L: sph. -3.25 / cyl -1.75 / axis 90

It seems to me that one of the two is flipped - that tthe sph. is
weaker on the contacts since they sit closer to my eye, but that
perhaps the eyes are flipped? Or could this be correct?

All the other aspects are the same...

Please help!