Know something chill about cooling systems

When we want to store vegetables and other perishable items and keep
them fresh for future use, we just open the refrigerator and push all
the items inside. But, have you ever thought where the huge amounts of
such perishable goods are stored. A huge refrigeration system is used
for this purpose.

Various companies, in the field of preservation and storage, provide
complete cooling solutions for big industries, small industries, food
processing units, etc. Where the economy is growing and many
industries are coming up so as the requirement for different types of
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, both for industrial and commercial
purposes, is increasing day by day.

Refrigeration system with new scopes has sprung up in the industrial
field. Industries provide every scope of refrigeration system. From
designing, engineering, and manufacturing of the units to inspection,
services, customer support is carried out by these companies.
Refrigeration is typically used for cold storage, food processing, and
chemical processing.

Various companies in this category provides various chilling solutions
such as Packed chillers, screw chillers, air conditioning plants, cold
storages, industrial refrigeration system, panel coolers, cooling
tower manufacturing. It even supplies refrigeration compressors and
air conditioners. Other plants such as Dehumidification plants, Gas
Liquefaction plants, Aeroflex, water treatment plant are also
installed as per the client’s requirements.

In Ahmedabad India, MKREFCON has evolved as a proficient company in
catering total cooling solutions to industries like Chemicals,
Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals Plastics, Dairies, Cold Storages,
Anodising, Diamond, Entertainment, etc.

REFCON manufactures products and emphasizes on Quality, Reliability,
Durability, Cost Economical and above all trouble free in operation.
This makes REFCON a leader in the industrial and commercial
refrigeration industry. The company provides the latest refrigeration
equipments, services and complete cooling solutions for all types of
Refrigeration and Air conditioning requirements whether it is for
industrial or commercial purposes.

REFCON with 2000 installations is providing satisfactory services to

The company has not restricted itself to manufacturing, supplying
installation of plants but has also provides excellent services to its
clients with time to time maintenance of the plants. The company also
installs AC for its clients and repairs it.

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