Re: SMIViewer v1.0.0.2 - a totally free DICOM volume analyzer - is out

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Dear All,

A second version of SMIViewer, a completely free and soon to be
opensource DICOM volume analyzer, has been released. Changes since
v1.0.0.1 include:

// May 26, 2008:        v1.0.0.2: Can now load PGM/PPM/DEF file formats.
Minor bug fixes.

You may obtain the viewer from here (please download from this page):

Please request the free password to unlock this binary at Please feel welcome to try it out for your
research and education purposes. More features are being added
everyday. A second release is being made within a week of the first
one to incorporate a feature request from University of California,
Irvine: support .def image format.

Thank you for supporting another open source effort!

Prashant Chopra

Here are two screenshots for recent updates from v.

[1] Virtual linked zoom for MPR views
[2] Linked cursor localization with free zoom/panning.