Patellar Chondropathy

Hello everyone:

A friend of mine was diagnosed with
Patellar chondropathy

She has from time to time pain in the frontal part of the knee, with

The MRI report says:
There is a focal area of heterogeneity in the cartilage of the medial
patellar facet. On the sagital views the appearance suggests a fissure
or small flap. The underlying bone is unremarkable.
The patellar retinacula is unremarkable. The femoral condylar
cartilage appears to be unremarkable.

Both the medial and lateral menisci appear to be intact.

Focal chondropathy in the medial facet of the patella likely
representing a fissure or a flap.
The orthopedic surgeon (a very experienced one) told her a surgery
would not help and that she should do sports and other activities
depending on her endurance.

Wonder if anyone here has experienced anything similar.

Thank you very much for any suggestions.

Marius Hancu