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Archives of Internal Medicine 2010;170(4):347-353 "Clinical and Economic
Outcomes Attributable to Health Care-Associated Sepsis and Pneumonia"

It is my hypothesis that the "secular trend," the increase in size and
earlier puberty occurring in children, is caused by an increase in the
percentage of individuals of higher testosterone. More specifically, I
suggest this is due to an increase in the percentage of mothers of higher
testosterone with time within the population. This exposes more fetuses
increased maternal testosterone with time within the population. I
this is the cause of the parallel increase in morbidity occurring within
population, such as obesity, cancer and breast cancer, diabetes, etc.,
including "failing schools," and increasing infections.

I have explained this connection with increased infections at:,%20Testosterone,%20and%
20DHEA.htm .

James Michael Howard
Fayetteville, Arkansas, U.S.A.

I tried sending you a message a few months back but you never replied.

Androgens are immunomodulators. They enhance some arms of the immune
system while down shifting others. For example, T boosts certain
aspects of innate immunity. DHEA, specifically, has antiviral

If you understand that secular trend may be a real phenomenon that is
triggering many adverse phenomena, then you are aware that we are facing
some major problems in the future. JMH