replacing drop amplifier

Something happened at my home when I was away and upon my return I found
1) a dead answering machine (although I don't have digital phone through Cox
which is what I use for non-digital cable TV and highspeed cable internet)
2) a dead internet cable modem
3) poor tv reception
but all the clocks showed the correct time.New cable modem and answering
machine obviously solved those problems.I've begun a slow walk through my
cable system using a small portable TV to check signal and seem to have
found a major dropoff at a device that was installed when I added the cable
internet service a few years ago.The front of it says that it is a
Scientific Atlanta multi-media Drop amplifier 5-40/51-1000mHz similar to
this one
but on the bottom side it has only one port on the left side which is
" In nWR + Out RF
and on the top end there are 2 ports labelled "12-16 V"on the L and "Input
RF" on the R
The internet cable signal takes half of the first split before the SA drop
mentioned and is very clear.
I was planning to soon subscribe to the high def/digital TV service (I am
buying a HD TV).I need input on this situation.
A) should I replace this drop with something else?
B) go ahead and replace the many original 1 in/2 out splitters (labeled
"5-1000mHz Signal vision 2 way splitter SV-2G") with 5-2 Ghz splitters by
Monster which I was advised will be best for the future signal?
C)Rewire the cable setups (a difficult task in this rambling old place)and
create a 1/4 split further up the path rather than the 1/2 followed by 1/2
splits which I KNOW is not the most efficient but that is the way different
rooms came into the TV age thereby insuring a stronger signal for the chosen
path to the den with the HD TV-the other rooms are at present less
D) Add more drops or something else insuring ALL the end points (5 total
plus cable internet) are strong

Thanks in advance for your help