Re: Basement rec room: CFL vs T8, etc.?

Anyway, how finished is this basement?  does it have a ceiling? how hard
would it be position new fixtures?- Hide quoted text -

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Hard. The walls are concrete block painted white, the floor light
colored 8x8 vinyl floor tiles, the ceiling either drywall or plaster
painted white, no wires exposed. Very hard to pull wire, and surface
mount would be ugly.

In Germany my house had CFLs in glass covered fixtures in every room,
except a couple places with 60 W spots in cans. None of these rooms
were bright enough for my aging eyes to read in (but I was paying 28
cents a kWhr). Only one room had enough light, a rather small room
with one fluorescent fixture, 2 four foot tubes. You could see bare
tubes, but it had a cover over it with vertical slats, kind of like an
old style ice cube tray.