Re: large diameter pipe miter

"Randy" <arwolkowski@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Does anyone know where I can get a miter template for joining two
pieces of 8.5" OD pipe at 90 degrees. I need the same for 6.5" OD as
well. Perhaps there is a program........ or someone has a tried and
true manual method.

Probably the handiest steel layout tool I own is the CONTOUR MARKER pipe and
structural layout tool made by CURV-O-MARK. It will do this job in less
time than it takes to talk about it.

It is a very pricey tool but once you have used one you will be spoiled and
will wonder how you ever got along without it. It is well made but is also
lightly built and looks like it is very fragile. I have never broken one
but I am VERY careful not to leave it lying around and do not lend it out.

MAKE SURE to also get the structural adapter which is very handy for laying
out cuts (especially angled) on wide flange beams or angles and other odd
shapes. It will scribe a line right around all surfaces of a wide flange
beam, and with a little fiddling will work on a very large sized or odd

They are available from good industrial welding supply houses and do
sometimes come up used as most people do not know what they are or how to
use them. This tool should be at the top of every welders want to scrounge
list and while the price will make you pause, if you have a need to do any
significant amount of pipe or structural layout this tool will pay for
itself easily.