Re: large diameter pipe miter

Ken Moffett wrote:
Grant Erwin <grant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

Randy wrote:
Does anyone know where I can get a miter template for joining two
pieces of 8.5" OD pipe at 90 degrees. I need the same for 6.5" OD as
well. Perhaps there is a program........ or someone has a tried and
true manual method.

Google for "winmiter.exe" - I just tried it, whips out a pattern you
roll around your pipe to lay out your fishmouth.


Also Goggle "Tubemiter", it's also free like Winmiter.

I agree, Winmiter works excellent for small diameters, but how do I get
large diameter pipe templates printed? The 8.5" template has not even
half of the template on one sheet of paper. Is there a different
printer setting I should be using?