Study at Copan with David Stuart


I am posting this early since this weeklong workshop led by Maya
archaeologist David Stuart fills up early. It is a great opportunity
to study at Copan with David Stuart for any of our listeros who can

Mike Ruggeri

November 1-7
Maya Field Workshops
“The Art and History of Copan”
Maya Field Workshops introduce you to the world of Maya archaeology
and epigraphy in intensive, on-site seminars. Led by renowned
archaeologist David Stuart of the University of Texas at Austin, we
focus not on tours and traveling, but on a concentrated learning
experience at a single place. In Fall 2009 we will be based in Copan,
Honduras, where participants will take part in a unique, hands-on
intellectual and cultural exploration of ancient Maya civilization.
Over six days you will become immersed in Copan’s ancient history and
culture. A key part of your experience will be the opportunity to
learn about Copan’s court and community in its original, genuine
setting. Each day we will visit the temples and major architecture of
Copan, reading and decoding their monuments and inscriptions. We will
explore the reigns of its kings and dynasties over the course of
several centuries, roughly between 400 and 850 A.D. We will combine
this on-site experience with daily lectures and workshops, so
participants can work directly and actively with daily lectures and
workshops, so participants can work directly and actively with Copan’s
history, art and archaeology. The leader of our workshops is David
Stuart, who has been a key player in the decipherment of Maya script
since a young age. He has conducted research at Copan for over two
decades, in collaboration with numerous colleagues, and is the co-
author (with his father, George Stuart) of the recently published and
critically acclaimed book Palenque: Eternal City of the Maya.
Our week-long inaugural workshop in the Spring of 2009 focused on
Palenque, México, one of the most fascinating and beautiful of all
ancient Maya cities. In future years we foresee field workshops
rotating between important Maya sites such as Palenque, Mexico, Copan,
Honduras, and Tikal, Guatemala.
To ensure a high-quality experience for all, participation in the Maya
Field Workshop is limited.
Tentative schedule of activities

Saturday, October 31 (Travel date for most) Arrivals at San Pedro Sula
airport Transportation to Copan Ruinas 8:00 PM: Welcome dinner

Sunday, November 1 7:00 AM: Welcome breakfast 8:00 AM: Pick-up study
materials 8:30 AM: Unstructured visit to Copan ruins 12:00 PM: Lunch
2:00 PM: Lecture: Introduction to the Ancient Maya and Maya
Archaeology 6:00 PM: Drinks and Discussion 7:00 PM: Dinner

Monday, November 2; 7:00 AM: Breakfast 8:00 AM: Ruins – The Copan
Acropolis 12:00 PM: Lunch 2:00 PM: Seminar and Workshop: Introduction
to Maya Iconography 7:00 PM: Dinner

Tuesday, November 3; 7:00 AM: Breakfast 8:00 AM: Ruins – The Great
Plaza and Hieroglyphic Stairway 12:00 PM: Lunch 2:00: Town Museum and
Seminar: Introduction to Maya Hieroglyphs 6:00 PM: Dinner at Hacienda
San Lucas

Wednesday, November 4; 7:00 AM: Breakfast 8:00 AM: Tour of the Copan
Sculpture Museum 12:00 PM: Lunch 2:00 PM: Hieroglyph Workshop

Thursday, November 5; 7:00 AM: Breakfast 8:00 AM: Ruins – La
Sepulturas and Stela 13 12:00 PM: Lunch 2:00 PM: Seminar: The
Hieroglyphic Stairway 7:00 PM: Dinner

Friday, November 6; 7:00 AM: Breakfast 8:00 AM: Study session at
ruins 12:00 PM: Lunch 2:00 PM: Seminar: The Quirigua War 6:00 PM:

Saturday, November 7; 7:00 AM: Breakfast 8:00 AM: Depart on Day-trip
to Quirigua (optional) 7:00 PM (?): Dinner and evening send-off at
Hacienda San Lucas

Sunday, November 8; Departures for San Pedro Sula airport

Our Spring 2009 Workshop filled up early, so we encourage you to
contact us directly at mayafieldworkshops@xxxxxxxxx

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