Re: How Sharp Do You Keep an Axe?

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Sharp axes are known to be safer than dull ones!

I guess this guy's axe is pretty damn safe then, but I bet you still
cringe when you watch it.


I love that axe that he has! I am going to have to see about finding
one like that.

That's just a regular, unsided broadaxe, Robert. Some were built for
lefthanded or righthanded people and the blade is offset to one side.
Pics of the various profiles:

I like the bearded style 1800s broadaxe by Gransfors Bruks.

$450.00 for an axe! No wonder I don't have one.

Yeah, they're truly beauties, but he's a bit too proud of his axes for
my budget. (I think he's in cahoots with that Festool guy.) I found a
broadhatchet, a saw set, and some other tool (3pcs) on eBay for total
delivered price of $14.34. Unfortunately, the handle came separately
and was unusable.

Most everything you buy used will have been abused. Hammering on the
tail, nail chips on the face, cracks and gouges in the handle at the
head. But a little work makes 'em yours, and they'll be every bit as
functional as a very expensive axe.

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