Re: OT: I often wonder Part Deux.

On Wed, 26 Sep 2007 12:20:36 -0700, Robatoy <design@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

A client of mine, recently purchased a 45-ft converted bus. It is 23
years old and in immaculate condition. I will be installing a few
Corian goodies for him.
Something like that, these days, would probably cost around 500K$.
But here is what puzzles me. This guy is 72 and has NEVER driven
anything bigger than a station wagon. He does NOT need a different
license. He is going to be thundering down the road with a 10-ton
Pusher at 120 KPH on the same road *I* am travelling on.
I mean...WTF???

As a long time RV'er, I've always objected to that speed thing..

Even when I was pulling a 6' trailer with a full-size pickup, Calif. says I have
to drive at 55 in the slow lane...
OTOH, a 90 yr old that never drove anything bigger than a Lincoln can buy a huge
motor home and drive it in the fast lane at the Max speed limit..

IMHO, their should be a drivers test and possibly a tag on the license, as they
do for motorcycles, for rv's over a certain length or weight.. YMWV


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