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Allen Roy wrote:
"the_tool_man" <john_manly@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
My experience has been that both Lowe's and Home Depot used to be
staffed with knowledgable, helpful people and good-quality
merchandise. Recently (last 5 years or so), I have noticed that the
quality of the employees and the merchandise has declined
significantly. I have three of each within driving distance of me,
but have not seen any difference from one to another.

The HD and Lowe's both like to go to the local lumberyards, hardware
stores, supply houses, etc. and hire away their mid-level sales
people when they are going to open a new store. They give them a good
salary, train them and the salespeople do what they do best, bring
some contractors in. A few weeks later, said employees are all of a
sudden being fired or forced to quit. Replacements can't tell the
difference between window shades and paint shades. HD and Lowe's have
there clientele and the good salespeople are left with nothing but
empty promises and a spot on the unemployment line. Been there, seen
that. Been offered it twice. No thanks.

I typically shop at Lowe's unless they don't have what I'm looking
for, or unless I get a gift card from HD. My reason is that
competition among the chains is good for me as a consumer, and that
Lowe's is smaller, and thus needs my business more.

The local hardware store or lumberyard needs it more and dare I say
that the warehouse person/truck driver for the local knows more about
wood than a senior sales person at either BORG.

Both chains hire local contractors for installation work, and give
the business to the lowest bidder. You can expect to get what they
(not you) pay for when it comes to installation quality. If I can't
do the work myself, I hire the installation labor myself.

We had carpet installed that we bought at Lowes. Should have had my 9
yo daughter install it. It would have looked more professional. The
store manager gave us a full refund after he came out and looked for
himself. (By poor I mean that the seams didn't match at all, there
were 1" gaps near the walls, carpet not stretched properly, and they
gouged the plaster in spots pretty good) They even paid for the
repairs as well. As far as replacement of the shabby work, we had my
dad's carpet guy come install the new stuff we bought at a local
carpet store. Cost us $300 more but looks beautiful. And he installed
it for a case of beer.

Personally I wouldn't have HD or Lowes _install_ anything.

There's a True Value, that I pass on the way to HD, and I pass HD on the
way to Lowes.

I used to start at True Value and if they didn't have what I wanted I'd
try HD and if they didn't have it I ended up at Lowes. Most of the
time I ended up at Lowes, so I finally just said to Hell with it and
started going there first.

There's an Ace that usually has whatever I want, but it's farther than
Lowes and in the opposite direction.

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