Re: Silestone as Router Table Top?

On Mar 7, 10:44 am, Joe Bleau <JoeBl...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I believe I saw a post here where someone was gloating about having
found silestone at a good price to make a router table top. Since I
am about to build another riouter table and was thinking about using
MDF with HP laminate the post made me wonder if perhaps silestone
might be better. It seems to have all the qualities a RT
requires--hardness, machinability. The question really is if it is
that much better than MDF. How thick does it have to be to eliminate
all danger of sagging? Will it warp? It should not since I don't see
how moisture could penetrate. Would anyone who is using it as a RT top
please post impressions. Thanks.


I am the lucky gloater. I have had the table top for a few weeks now
and it is awesome. I just set it up for some edge jointing and my
stock is coming out perfectly square from end to end.

I used to have a laminated mdf (basically an old kitchen countertop)
and my stock would come out somewhat square in the middle, but not at
the ends. This was because there was a sag in the middle. I propped
it up but was still not perfect.

I can tell you that silestone is ideal for this application. I
originally asked my countertop guy if he could do this with granite,
but he resisted saying it would crack much easier. Silestone has much
less chance of shattering since it has resin built into it's
composition. My piece is 24" x 36". They cut out the inset for the
router with their CNC machine. I would definately not try this at

As far as cost goes, I paid nothing, but if you make nice with one of
these guys you could probably get a cutoff from their production shop
fabricated for less than a hundred. If you are in the market for a
new granite countertop, make that part of the deal beforehand.