Re: Idea for cribbage board hole jig

The J T entity posted thusly:

>Thu, Jan 26, 2006, 10:35am (EST-1) nucknuck@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Oleg Lego)
>did post Leon's reply like this:
>The Leon entity posted thusly:
>Simply buy a cheap Cribbage game in the layout that you like and use the
>game board for the template. Double stick tape it on top to the piece
>you will be making and drill through the game board holes. Let the game
>board that you bought be the template guide.
> And then decided to say:
>I thought of that, but one of the problems I always have is positioning
>the piece accurately enough. Every time I move the piece to a new
>position, I stand the chance of having the drill bit wear the hole in
>the pattern. I was looking for a way to avoid having to use the pattern
>holes in that manner.
> Drill bit wear the hole. Hmmm. The few times I'm faced with
>using a previously drilled hole as a guide, I turn the drill off, lower
>the bit until it's centered in the hole, THEN turn the drill back on and
>drill. You mean you don't turn the drill off?

Exactly. At my age, turning the drill off to align each of the 390 or
so holes might mean the difference between getting to play a game on
it or having the unfinished project inlaid into my coffin lid.

I want to die peacefully, in my sleep, like
my grandfather, not screaming in terror,
like his passengers.