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You and iws might be interested in this site:

They show a 16 GB SSHD (Solid State Hard Drive) for $US409, and if you follow the links, you can see 32 and 64 GB for $669 and $1169. Much more expensive than a 16 GB SDHC card. I don't know why they cost so much, however, or what the perfomance and dependability factors are.

I have seen a higher price quoted for the 64 GB drive in an article in the July MacLife (or maybe it was in a PC-related magazine).

Interesting -- you'd still need a computer for capture, though it could make an interesting portable rig for an HV20/30 if there were some way to use an Intensity card with a laptop. I would have loved something like this for when I used to do a multi-camera shoot of a friend's annual 4th of July show. I'd usually shoot ISO to the camera's (analog) tape, but also digitize and capture live-switched video to my laptop. It never worked reliably and I always had to spend hours and hours capturing and then syncing the in-camera video.

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