Re: Advice on Lighting for Video

You can find out a lot by going to sites like videouniversity and and checking their archived articles, forums and threads on the
subject. Frankly, your room is probably too small for chromakeying
anything but a close-up head and shoulders shot. It will also get
stifling hot in minutes unless you add ventilation fans which are
noisy, or use flourescent lighting. To do chromakey right you need the
background lit very evenly all over, and no shadows thrown on it by
the talent. Then you light the talent separately, so the style and
look of his lighting match the new background to be inserted. The
small size of your room limits how well you can do this. You can try
shooting diagonally across the room to get a little more separation (I
would say six feet easy between you and the wall, then add six feet or
so for the distance between talent and camera), or even open the door
and put the camera out into the next room to get the distance you
need. If you try to sit or stand right next to the cloth or paper
backdrop, your results will stink.

Don't waste your money on the LED based ringlight chromakeying system,
that thing works but will cost you many times more than simple paint
or cloth, and it has other problems in certain situations.