Re: Troubleshoot and/or reset Samsung DVD-P231

Thank you, Franc. I know this advice is on the right track, but it's
not working yet for me.

Because I don't know the settings that I accidentally approved when I
hit the wrong key, it's not necessarily possible to hit the enter key
and the right arrow key and the return key a certain number of times
and get the right results. Sometimes when I hit a button on my remote,
the DVD player doesn't respond, and I have to hit it again.

So this is a huge challenge. I've also pulled out my owner's manual
and have tried following that, as well. I can't believe Samsung
doesn't include a simple "Reset" control. Even the simplest, cheapest
televisions and other devices I've used have had a reset button that
could override every command.

I'll keep working on it, but if anyone else has a better instruction,
please tell me. I don't want to take it to a shop. It's not fiscally
smart. DVD players cost less than a service call.