Samsung SC-MX20 Question by Jeffrey Dach

Does anyone have any information or experience with the Samsung SC-
MX20 camcorder that just came out. It is designed to be targeted to
the You Tube user, and easy to upload videos to U-tube.

A previous CNET review by Lori Grunin, Cnet editor, did not like the
esarler model, the Samsung MX-10, because it did not perform well
undoors under low light confditions.

I would like your opinion on whether the newer version MX-20 solves
the low light problem of the MX-10? And also what has been your
experience with this new camera in general, and what other competitive
cameras of this type in this class and price range might be
recommended instead.

Financial disclosure note: I have no financial relationship with any
camera companies and do not sell cameras.

Thanks in advance for your input.


Jeffrey Dach MD
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Hollywood Florida 33021

Links :
CNET review by Lori Grunin, Cnet editor
Samsung SC-MX20 YouTube-friendly Flash Camcorder July 10th, 2008
July 9, 2008 – Today, Samsung Electronics America, Inc. unveiled the
SC-MX20, the successor to the company’s popular SC-MX10 compact
digital camcorder. The ideal camcorder for the exploding generation
of consumers uploading video content to the Internet, the SC-MX20
features a customized recording mode optimized for YouTube™ or multi-
media devices, further simplifying the way users integrate the
camcorder into their digital lifestyles.