Re: Osprey 210: Good?

"Ken Maltby" <kmaltby@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

IMHO, one of the best reference design capture card
chipset is the one using the Philips SAA 7114H as the
decoder-A/D converter and the Broadcom BCM 7040
(Kfir-II) MPEG Encoder chip. The design was dropped
by most card makers when Tivo bought up most of the
production of the BCM 7040 chips for their Series 2

There appear to be still some being made by V-One
Multimedia in their Snazzi* III series of cards:


Thanks for the lead. I've sent an eMail to Snazzi to see what chip is
used on that card.

I also asked them if the MPEG encoder can be bypassed during capture. I
want to capture RAW and HuffYUV. So, if it's an MPEG only card, I'll
have to pass up the Snazzi even though it will break my heart to give up
that Philips chip.

I've seen some of the videos posted to UseNet from those hacked TiVo's.
No wonder TiVo nabbed the Philips/NEC chip. Those videos look good!

The card by Winnow that Vance has will capture to VFW codecs. That's one
thing that I need. I'm not sure what chips they use. Winnov seems to
indicate that they use their own propietary chip ... although that could
still mean that they use a Conexant design specified for themselves.