Re: VirtualDub won't play file - other progs will

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Here's a full paste:

Stream 0
Codec: XVID
Type: Video
Resolution: 704x400
Frame rate: 25.000000
Stream 1
Codec: mpga
Type: Audio
Channels: 2
Sample rate: 48000 Hz
Bitrate: 256 kb/s
Duration: 0:29:15


Here is a small extract (4 MB) which exhibits identical behaviour on
my PC:

What happens when you try playing it in VirtualDub please?

Terry, West Sussex, UK

Well your clip seems to open OK in my copy of
VDubMod, but it won't play smoothly. Oddly both
the video and audio streams seem ok by themselves.

The clip seems to play all right in players, I don't see
what is keeping it from playing properly in VDubMod.

You could remux the file.

You've probably now seen Frank's suggestion and my happy reply?

That just leaves the academic puzzle of the 'initial frame message'.

Terry, West Sussex, UK