Re: which camcorder for $1000-$1800 used. Tried GL1, may try sony trv900

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PTravel wrote:
If you can go as high as $2500, look for a new Sony VX2100. If you want
something a little cheaper try a used Sony VX2000. These are exception
3-ccd machines with extraordinary low-light performance. Feature films
been shot with them.
ok... i'll keep them in mind. But people also said the GL1 is great for
the money and then when I get one I learn that about 30% of the ones
out there have dead pixels that shows up on the recording (which costs
$600-$800 to repair apparently).

I'll keep the VX2000 and VX2100 in mind. Thanks for the suggestion. May
be more than I can stomach to pay for my needs, especially if I get a
hot potatoe (ie. lemon) and I have to eat the loss.

Everything I've read suggests that the GL1 does not equal the quality of
the VX2000/2100/PD-150/170. Note that the PD series are the pro versions
of the VX series and may be more suitable for your purposes -- they have
balanced mike inputs, control over each channel volume, and other
features, primarily in the audio area. Otherwise, they're electronically
identical to the VX machines.

B&H has the VX2100 new for $2,299.95:

That's under your max, and you won't have to worry about dead pixels. My
VX2000 is a little over three years old and has nary a problem (though I
managed to fry the 1394 port, but that was my own stupidity and a long

I will second all PT Travel has said about the VX2000. I routinely use it
in professional productions. The results at the release medium stage (DVD,
VHS) are equal to the results I used to get with BetaSP analogue. Even at
the master tape stage, clients do not recognize a quality difference between
the VX2000 and BetaSP, when viewing on studio monitors. For what you
describe as your purpose I think you can't go wrong. I've seen little used
VX2000 on EBAY for as little as $1200.

Steve King