Re: Line Time Base Correction - necessary??

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Would this route be as good as using a Canopus ADVC-300 Video Converter
Unit - or better???

The function of the ADVC-300 is to "convert" an analog signal
into digital DV-AVI and output it over a Firewire connection to
your PC. This is popular with the Mini-DV camcorder enthusiasts
as that matches what their camcorders provide to a PC. So it
matches what they are used to and all their editing software.

A DVD Recorder could output a cleaned analog signal to a
cheaper Canopus box, and that (or the ADVC-300) would provide
your PC with your video in the more widely supported, by editing
software, DV-AVI format.

Would most DVD recorders with time base correction have the facility to
output a cleaned analog signal??

I have no way of knowing for each model out there, but
that is the most logical way to have it work. In general
they will supply a clean signal output for you to "preview"
the material before you push the record button.