Samsonite telescope handle jammed

The telescopic handle on my wife's Samsonite carry-on jammed open in the extended position last week in the middle of a business trip, I've just spent the last few hours trying to fix it without success.
The lining material unzips to reveal the base of the telescopic tubes inside the case, to get any further I had to remove the handle and several screws to reveal the problem - in the extended position two locking pins pop out of the sides of the tubes inside the case, and no amount of lube, pushing or shuffling gets the mechanism working again. Any more disassembly means virtually tearing the case to pieces.
This is really frustrating, and it looks like we'll have to get a replacement, although it's not even two years old. Does anyone have recommendations? Need a carry-on size with four wheels and separate sections for documents and clothes. I used to think Samsonite was the best, but not any longer.