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On Wed, 7 May 2008 16:21:50 +0100, d4g4h4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Horne, _the_
chancellor wrote:

Tim C. <timchallenger@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Wed, 7 May 2008 16:09:14 +0100, d4g4h4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Horne, _the_
chancellor wrote:

You have scant knowledge of UK railways.

i have always been rather interested in railways, more when I was younger.
I probably know a lot more about them than you know about driving and
visiting rural areas.

I very much doubt it. Being interested in the trains per se is not the
same as knowing what it is like to travel on them. ...

It is one facet of "knowledge of the railways" though. Travelling on them
isn't the only thing.

Tim, you're obviously not keeping up- travelling on the railways is the
whole _point_ here. Not knowing how they are built etc.

I was commenting only on the bit I quoted. That's how I understood Mikes

However, knowing how and where and why they're built can give you a pretty
good idea of the views to be had (or not) from the windows. I'm not saying
that there are no good views to be had from trains - quite the opposite in
fact, but do you disagree that the views you're likely to get from a twisty
country lane are likely to be better? Bearing in mind that trains and
motorways often run through less than attractive parts of towns.

Tim C.

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