Re: AW: Europe road trip: places to avoid car theft/vandalism

On 2008-05-02 07:25:39 -0500, "Turan Fettahoglu" <turan.fe@xxxxxxxxxxx> said:

Avoid the UK unless you have a hungry rottweiler in the passenger seat.

There is left-hand traffic in the UK, which means a car from the Continent has the steering wheel on the wrong side and is less likely to be stolen.

Right, I would agree, but I have already travelled extensively in Britain and this trip would actually be Continental, only (should've mentioned that originally).

I would avoid the former East block or take a not-so-posh old rattletrap car instead of a Porsche.

I figured as much about the East, but what do you figure regarding Croatia and the Czech Republic?

Thanks very much!

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