Re: A day at Sea: What do you like to do?

On Mon, 11 May 2009 13:59:42 -0700, "John Sisker"
<jsisker@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

As food for thought (no pun intended), when you encounter a day at sea in
your cruise itinerary, what do you like to do?

Depends on whether the ship is near the shore, or out at sea. If it's
near the shore there's probably something to look at, and that's what
I'll do, look at it (for example, Glacier Bay or the Na Pali Coast).

If it's the first sea day, I will probably start on my quest of
walking the length of every public corridor and setting foot in every
public room.

After that, if I'm on a ship with a spacious spa area (like the
Celebrity Infinity or NCL Jade, but not the Celebrity Mercury or
Norwegian Sun), I will go hang out there. I might watch CNN if it's
on, but usually reading requires too much intellectual effort.


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