Re: Past uniqueness of the cruise-line's finally merged into Carnival

On Jul 8, 7:01 pm, Justin Credible <highpur...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'd read from a respected cruise travel journalist recently he had to
ask himself what ship he was didn't matter  whether it was HAL,
Princess, or Celebrity they all were Carnival like and with very
little distinction. So, does it really matter anymore which "Carnival"
cruise line to you chose?

There has been a trend that the major cruise lines are becoming more
alike than before, and what had been a distinct difference between
"mass market" (Carnival, RCI, NCL) and "Premium" (HAL, Princess,
Celebrity) is no longer so pronounced. However, this has been more
throughout the industry rather than merely between sister companies.
So, in one sense, yes it's true.

However, there remain differences in options and presentation. Joseph
mentioned the "personal choice" option on Princess. NCL has gone
further with their Freestyle cruising, but some lines like Celebrity
still use a formal approach.

But there still is a difference in culture and experience, A Carnival
cruise feels different from one on HAL, Princess, Seabourn or Cunard
-- although all are Carnival companies.