Re: How do you "save" your digital pictures/movies?

Steve Myers <noone@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You may be able to burn your photos to a CD on the ship. At least
I've seen that on some ships. 125 pictures on a card wouldn't do it
for me, as I often take that many pictures in a day.

Madx wrote:
Thanks everyone for your tips. Its a camcorder that has a sd card for
stills and uses miniDV cartridges. I'll bring plenty plus an extra battery
and the charger! Will I need a special converter adaptor thingy to plug
the charger in on the ship (Princess) I assume I would need one for the
hotels in Italy.

The ship shouldn't be a problem. I'd bet you need an adapter
plug, but not a voltage converter, for the charger in Italy.
Certainly all recent Sony's have been dual voltage chargers. If
you're not Sony, check the charger.

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