Re: Blue Lagoon Cruises first to pillow Fiji bed tax

Now wait a minute Jean. You can't blame someone who is following the rules
for the behaviour of an idiot who isn't! Yes John is following the rules and
yes it shows what Ray should be doing but isn't. So what? I don't see him
backing Reef Fish or any of the other aliases he is using. I have ended up
killfiling him myself, (RF that is), because he is acting like a jerk with
the multiple postings and using fake addys but the gist of what he is
screaming is correct. Ray is using this simply for advertising and not
because he is a nice guy trying to share info. He Does change the content of
the releases when it comes to who to contact and Does 'invite' you to go to
his website to find all the news posting which are not all there. That part
is a fact. RF is correct in his statement, just very wrong in the way he is
going about it. John didn't do anything wrong!

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To Whom It May Concern:

We came across this information in the trades, in the form of a press
release, and thought it would be of interest to this newsgroup as well

Fiji boutique island cruising specialist Blue Lagoon Cruises has become
the first Fiji property to announce its intention to absorb the five per
cent tax emanating from the soon to be implemented Fiji government bed
tax which it is now believed will come into effect from 01 April, 2006.

Announced as part of the Fiji government budget handed down in early
November, the proposed bed tax surprised the tourism industry which had
been working in close consultation with the Ministry of Tourism on the
possible implementation of a bed tax in 2007.

John, I hold you partly responsible for the turmoil going on rtc right
now..If you had not come on here trying to compete with Ray, while posting
erroneous information at the same time, rtc would not be going through all
this havoc.. You have helped ruin what rtc once was...I hope that all the
newbies out there pay attention to this and listen to all the seasoned
cruisers still posting out there and are able to separate the wheat from
the chaff...You are now united with Reef Fish and you don't know what that
is going to cost you...If you have read any of his posts, which I have
been forced to do, since they were included in others that responded to
him, you must see that he has no friends, unless you count you and Chrissy
Cruiser ...and then I may be wrong about Chrissy, as I have been forced to
see his/her post just once, ..But he is a very disturbed, insecure person
who badly needs attention to exist and uses that attention in a very
negative way...

So into my kill file you go, John, to join Chrissy and Reef Fish. I hope
that many other rtcers realize that they should do the same in order to
have rtc return to be the newsgroup with interesting information about
cruising as it once was. Your post above is ridiculous and has nothing to
do with are still childishly competing...Shame on you!