Re: Chiang Mai to Angkor Wat

Viviane wrote:
Thanks for that. Yes I had checked out Bangkok air. The connection
isn't too bad, but I had hoped for direct. The bus option sounds a
bit more time consuming!

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"Viviane" <viviane.king@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Does anyone know if there is an easy way to travel from Chiang Mai
to Angkor Wat? We plan to spend a few days in each in July and
would prefer to fly due to time restrictions. So far I've only
been able to find that flights from Chiang Mai to Siem Reap go
through Bangkok, which we'd like to avoid as the connections don't
seem good and the trip will be long. As we have a young child with
us, we don't really want to do the bus thing.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way. There are no direct flights
(these days) whatsoever between Chiang Mai and Siem Reap. You have
to fly via Bangkok - or do the overland bus thing (24 hours?). A
couple of years ago Bangkok Air introduced a summer-only direct
flight but I think there was insufficient demand, so the route was
scrapped. Have you looked at Bangkok Air's web-site:- They have a flight leaving Chang Mai at
14.20pm arriving Bangkok 15.30pm. Then they have a flight from
Bangkok at 17.40pm arriving Siem Reap at 19.00pm.
Seems to me that's your best (and probably cheapest) option.


I can vouch Bangkok Air is very very good
I flew BKK to Siem reap..
From Pnohm Pehn to Bkk
and from BKK to Chang mai
they have a special offer with three coupons
they have a separate waiting room and free drinks and biscuits
newspapers and internet are also free
you are compelled to book the first flight and can leave open the other two
pls be aware that flights from BKK to Chang mai are always full ( even if
there a re a few low cost carriers flying that route )