Re: BIke Trials Event in VT wants good trials riders!!

Is going to be alot of fun. Someone to help organize Uni group ride on
Friday and Saturday eve would be great. This event will really spread
the word of Uni and Biketrial (each getting equal attention/exposure).
Alot of video during and to follow event, not to mention follow up
article in Dirt Rag Magazine.

Qulifiers will be in morning and afternoon (will have times for this
finalized shortly). There will be qualifier for each catagory, the
riders with the six best total scores will move on to the main feature
that will run 6-7pm. This is how scoring for qualifier catagories will

1st place, 15 points
2nd place, 12 points
3rd place, 10 points
4th place, 8 points
5th place, 6 points
6th place, 5 points
7th place, 4 points
8th place, 3 points
9th place, 2 points
10th place, 1 point

This is going to be a good time to be had by all. Am working on
getting an area for a fun flatland/freestyle type jam.... would be
cool, eh? So come on out and support exposure of the sport and show
off your talent.

tim williamson

Tim Williamson
Trialsin USA
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