Re: Taking a unicycle vert??

skroboskim wrote:

and make ... say a 5' ramp w/ about 6" of vert??
and i don't think slippage would be a problem because your momentum
will still be going forward (the same reason you would be
perpendicular to the vert face)

after pedeling up 5' of quarter pipe, my momentum was gone. wheel
slipage is a giant problem. i think the better uni choice would be a
3' kiddy-pipe with no vert, just very sloped. (just came to me) if you
fall down you're 5' pipe with 6" vert, you're not going to slip down
the ramp like a skater, you're going to bottom out and a uni may hit
you in the head. if you get out to that ramp, wear all the pads you
can find, and maybe stuff your shirt with pillows. and do not even
attempt that if you can't film it and let us watch. same goes for all
of you. there's no reason you can't film half pipe attempts, ask some
stakers mom to hold a camera while you throw yourself off the lip, if
she asks why, tell her that your life just isn't worth living anymore.
good luck though.


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me citizenship to your fine country)
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