Re: OT: fu@@ I guess humans thought they know everything and are in full control

14.3.2011 4:54, wkhedr kirjoitti:

This is minor stuff still, it was supposed to blow up...

The real radiation catastrophe occurs if the core melts and somehow breaks the vessel surrounding it. Doesn't look good though...reactor 2 nuclear fuel rods apparently are still not partially covered, also Japan has just asked IAEA for help.

I'm not sure if China Syndrome(nice film) can occur on shut down reactors. Or if the pressure can blow them up, logically yes...that's why they're releasing pressure and slightly radioactive material in first place.

Pretty damn bad... trouble with 3 reactors at the same time. Never happened before. What's the alternative...oil spills and global warming...

It takes few days for a reactor to cool down... no news is very good news!