Re: Fed will win the CYGS in 2011 and regain his #1 to tie Pete Sampras at 6 !

On 23.12.2010 21:42, ulysses@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
"Fed skipping Monte Carlo in attempt to keep the h2h decent. Smart
move. But cowardly."

Total nonsense,

That is the obvious reason, deal with it. What's the use playing at MC when best you can do is losing to Nadal...

Also, there could be another motive: to downplay the tournament since Nadal's success there.

as well as inaccurate.

No, it's your post which is as inaccurate as it gets, sorry.

Fed announced he would drop
Monte Carlo from his schedule once the tournament lost its Masters
1000 status.


It hasn't lost Masters 1000 status. It's optional Masters event, gives still 1000 points. Last year Federer elected to play at Estoril, a 250 tournament instead, for reasons mentioned above.

A lot of other players dropped it too.

I don't think so. Some yanks perhaps, then again Roddick elected to drop pretty much whole clay season...

In any case,
Agassi, Muster and Becker all said


Agassi may have said so...links?

Becker(lol) and Muster, respectively, played Monte Carlo from 1985 and 1986 through 1999, around 15 years in a row...only missing it once each during that time.

the cold conditions and the court
were terrible prep for the FO,


I think you're confused, this is roughly what Muster said about Hamburg.

as nothing was similar to Paris.


Of all clay "tune ups" - success at Roland Garros has biggest correlation with success at Monte Carlo.

Here's Hop's study about it: