Re: Clijsters "was" injured (Was: Clijsters claims injury problems)

On Sat, 12 Nov 2005 16:54:40 GMT, "gp calliauw"
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>"Luke Croll" <Lukecroll@xxxxxxxxx> schreef in bericht
>> Haven't seen this mentioned in a separate thread, but I guess I
>> could
>> have missed it:
>> I haven't heard any mention of a shinbone problem before and she
>> certainly didn't have problems at Hasselt.
>It was most definitely in the news. It was also on TV here.
>Do you remember her ending up in the courtside shrubbery at the LA
>event this summer? Something similar happened in Hasselt two weeks
>ago. During the semi-finals of the doubles tournaments on Saturday
>evening she was chasing a wide ball, had to jump over the side
>boarding and hit a camera with her shinbone. Her shin was literally
>cut to the bone (the story is that she asked the guy who treated
>her' "What's the white stuff there?", and he replied, "That's the
>bone" and then she felt all queasy). There were seriuos doubts about
>her playing the final the next day until a couple of hours
>Obviuosly the story wasn't very well known. I heard the Eurosport
>commentators who where puzzled about the bandage around her right
>leg and thought something was wrong with a calf muscle.

I read something about the camera incident, but didn't know the whole

>I changed your heading because it is misleading. Clijsters "was"
>Also I haven't seen or heard any interview where she claims that
>this particular injury influenced her play.

Yes, the subject was misleading, she didn't claim injuries affected
her play in LA. Just the jet lag and general tiredness :-)