Re: What are the best ear plugs?

On Sep 30, 9:59 am, "Alt Beer" <exam...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am looking for recommendations for ear plugs for use while recreational
swimming at the local indoor pool.  I sometimes get painful ear infections
as a result getting water in my ears and would like to try some ear plugs..
Googleing seems to suggest that a lot of plugs are painful, leaky, quickly
fall out, uncomfortable to insert and remove, don't fit properly etc

I heard a comment by a competition swimmer on the radio a while back that
any pro swimmers who use ear plugs usually use a particular brand but I
remember the name of the brand.

Rather than trying out lots of different brands myself, can anyone recommend
a brand or type of ear plug which is effective, comfortable, easy to use and
which will fit different shapes and sizes of ear?


If my ears get cold, they ache and I sometimes get infections. I wear
plugs so that my ears won't hurt. Same with riding. If it gets below
60, I have to cover my years. I wear anyting and it works fine. Cotton
balls, ear plugs for sleeping and rubber plugs all work fine. I don't
like wax ear plugs.