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Amazing. If this match really happened, it was not televised in the
US. I even checked the pay tv channels.
Um...OK. Fox Soccer Channel, last night, 9:30-11:30 PM central. And, yes,
that would be in the US.

Maybe they scheduled this at the last minute. Out here on the west coast,
2 hours behind the time in Central,
FSC (which is a pay channel, which most US people who have cable do not receive)
reported that they would show
6pm (60 minutes) English league soccer preview
7pm (60 minutes) Fox Sports World Report
8pm (120 minutes) Classic Soccer (likely some match from decades ago)
10pm (60 minutes) Fox Sports World Report
11pm (120 minutes) Classic Soccer (another golden oldie)

They would have had to preempt one of these reported shows
to show the Barcelona vs America match, at the last minute,
since I just performed a fresh download today of station
reported schedules for the week, which includes yesterday's schedule.



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